The Long way around: How Zambian Tobacco is entering the EU, Asia and many other Countries

Export of tobacco from Zambia and Zimbabwe

Zambia exported tobacco valued at approximately USD 7,2 billion in 2014. Its main importer of tobacco was Switzerland.

Re-export of tobacco from Switzerland

The discrepancy between exports from Zambia to Switzerland and imports to Switzerland from Zambia suggests that tobacco never reaches Switzerland, but is instead bought and sold by Swiss-based traders and exported directly to manufacturers and end-users.

Much of today’s tobacco and even Zambian cotton are being bought, re-sold and re-shipped adding unnecessary costs to be paid by end-users.

Avoid “the long way around” by sourcing directly from us in Zambia.

The Raden Saleh® Group was originally started as an alliance between the Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia, as well as the German government through the Embassy in Jakarta.

Our roots go back to 1743 in Semarang, Java with many years of international logistics experience in air cargo, ocean freight, FCL/LCL/NVOCC and custom house brokerage worldwide. In 2008 we were appointed to represent the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board in Europe, and our brand name has an almost 100% recognition value among Indonesians globally.

Our business locations are in Zambia, Japan, Greece and Indonesia with service points and agencies worldwide. We manage the complete value chain from the point of origin to your (or your customers) doorstep.

Count on our international experience since 1743 for your tobacco business peace of mind.

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